Situational Awareness

Drive Off Alert is an unique system designed to empower petrol station operators. Started in late 2015, it has become a must have tool for all petrol stations. Specially who want to proactively look to minimise losses from  Drive offs and Falited to pay incidents. 

Non Payment incidents are shared among the operators to keep them in check. System provides vehicle analysis to console operators, who make appropriate decisions in time to prevent possible theft. Prior to the Drive off alert, situational awareness was missing in the Post pay environment. Sites used to depend on manual entry of incident information and cheat sheets of registrations at the console. With Drive Off Alert, no need to do all of that  any more, We have a tool that has proven itself with petrol station operators.

We have many participant stations in Australia, New Zealand and we recently introduced it in the UK and Canada. Don’t put up with it any longer, join Drive off alert and save.