Off-the-shelf ANPR vs DOA ANPR

ANPR Off The Shelf Vs DOA ANPR


There are many off the shelf ANPR cameras in the market. It appears to be an easy decision to make. Once installed those cameras, you may find the investment you made is not helping you as expected. 

Firstly, they are not custom made solutions for the Petrol station environment. Software that comes with has very limited functionality. It will have inaccurate detection, lack of a superior data input facility, and importantly a shared database. Off the shelf camera’s ANPR processor normally fit in Cameras is prone to failure. Whereas Drive off alert system’s ANPR processor is securely sits inside premises while able to take the feed from any designated IP camera from outside. 

ANPR Drive Off Alert system is custom built for Petrol stations with a full support system established. When it comes to technology for Petrol stations, It’s not just the cameras that read plates but what they do with the information. Drive Off Alert system gives the unique insight and intelligent input for operators to make their operations smooth and profitable.