Off-the-shelf ANPR vs DOA ANPR

ANPR Off The Shelf Vs DOA ANPR

Our Advantage

With many off-the-shelf ANPR camera system options in the market, it can be a confusing exercise to know which is best for you. Many of our clients reach out to us after they have made a purchase with a competitor and found that they system didn’t help as expected.

The most common issues that we hear about is:

– Solutions are not custom made for the Petrol Station environment

– Software has limited functionality

– Inaccurate detection

– Lack of shared database

Our system provides modern cutting-edge technology to provide an effective solution to all of these issues. This is because our system is 100% custom made for the Petrol Station environment and we understand what is important to you.

Off-the-shelf camera’s ANPR processors normally fit within the cameras themselves and are prone to failure. Drive Off alert system’s ANPR processor securely sits inside the premises while able to take the feed from any designated IP camera.

When it comes to technology for Petrol stations, it’s not just about the cameras but it’s what they do with the information. Drive Off Alert system gives unique insight and instant intelligent input for operators to make their operations smooth and profitable.