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We offer exclusive secured solutions that restrict sharing within the corporate group and allow simple integration with Enterprise applications via API

We have clients who are able to reduce theft in their operations for up to 85%. If we simulate the numbers of the last five years of your company, it is sure to be a decent number. With the emergence of cloud and other technologies, a system like Drive Off Alert is no longer expensive/cost prohibitive. With improved software, plate reading accuracy has improved many fold. 

Drive off alert is a sophisticated cloud based, agile software and Modularly  engineered ANPR(Automated Number Plate Recognition) Technology hardware. It takes much less space and much less disruption to the existing systems in the store. 

We have our ANPR system with  99.99% read accuracy in ideal conditions. It’s mated with an advanced cloud system to fetch you data in seconds. In most cases, the operator has the intelligence on a vehicle by the time their customer steps out of the cars.

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