Flexible Pricing Model


We offer affordable pricing models. It includes lease and complete ownership of the system to suit all corporate managed sites, Owner operator and  Franchise/Commission models.

Franchisees, Commission agents or Licensees, are entrusted in dealing with Fuel theft or Failed to Pay losses in most of the cases. If you belong to this group, you have no option but to minimise losses at your expense. Some owner/Head offices help in initial costs and let Franchisees bear monthly costs. That is an ideal scenario as cabling cameras stay with the property even if the operator changes. In cases where there is no help from the head office or corporate group, we have a leasing model which explains the pricing section. 

If you have certainty on staying in as a franchisee for more than two years, we suggest full product purchase. In case you had to move out, we facilitate the sale of the system to the next operator. 

Pricing link is above in the main menu where cost of ownership is explained. Contact us if you are interested in the leasing model.